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Piano Type

We possess decades of piano moving expertise for all kinds of pianos—from upright to grand pianos with a trained crew that are technically equipped with the proper quantity of experience having one goal to move the piano to the targeted area securely and safely under every condition. Our successful piano moving portfolio involves some of these kinds of pianos. Pianos are available in all types of styles, designs, shapes, and sizes, yet fall into two kinds of categories that we’ve been moving securely for years.

Vertical Pianos

Vertical pianos are termed so due to their height, as well as string position. The height of this type of piano might differ from 36” – 60” and typically involve these 4 kinds:

  • Console
  • Such piano’s height typically falls in between 40” and 43” and the width is almost 58”.
  • Spinet
  • These include the smallest type of pianos with an approximate height of 36” – 38” with a width which approximates to almost 58”.
  • Studio
  • Such pianos, as the name suggests are trendy in musical studios and musical schools. Their height will range from 45” – 48” and the width will stand typically at 58”.
  • Upright
  • Upright pianos include the tallest amongst vertical pianos with a height usually in the range of 50” – 60” with an approximate height of around 58”.

Horizontal Pianos

Such pianos are termed so due to their length, as well as the way in which their strings are placed. They also are referred to as Grand pianos with five basic kinds as described here:

  • Baby Grand: Such pianos include the most popular and broadly cherished pianos with a size that ranges from 4’11” to 5’7”.
  • Petite Grand: It’s the smallest of such pianos. It will range in size from 4’5” to 4’10”.
  • Ballroom: Such pianos also are referred to as semi-concert pianos, as well as usually are 7’ long.
  • Parlor Grand: Such pianos also are termed as a living room grand piano and will come in sizes from 5’9” to 6’1”.
  • Concert Grand: Such pianos include the largest of all types of grand pianos with a size standing at 9’.

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