Need to move a piano now?

Cost Associated to Piano Moving

Prices could greatly vary, depending upon how far you are moving and a few additional important factors. Whether you own a baby grand, upright, or a grand piano, this will make a difference. Of these, an upright usually is the simplest to move. If there are stairs involved, and if it’s simple to move out of the home from its current position, these include factors to be considered. A few homeowners like a self-service choice in which a mover wraps a piano and loads it into their own truck or rented truck, then will unload it after an owner drives it to the brand new destination.

Typical piano moving costs will depend on these factors listed below. Each situation is special and an exact estimation could be provided only after we assess your unique situation:

  • Type of piano
  • Distance in between destination and pickup point
  • Level of difficulty due to tight turns, stairs, or a necessity for additional tools such as a small crane, etc.
  • Number of members required to move the piano because of different difficulty level
  • Additionally depends on the season, as well as piano move requested
  • At times, the time that you may need to wait for the piano mover also will affect your moving cost

The piano mover cost will include multiple factors which are involved in the costs. Insurance includes a vital factor. As you utilize insurance to cover the piano, you could have it replaced or repaired if anything goes awry. It isn’t uncommon for money to be charged per step if there include any stairs within your house. There also are additional fees which are related to utilizing a crane to move your piano out through the window. Wrapping, then securing it as it is inside the moving truck ought to always be a portion of the cost. If you like, you ought to be provided an abundance of time to photograph the piano for insurance reasons prior to it being put inside the truck.

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